Annette Rivers Presents

Operation Heal

Humble. Seek. Turn.

Annette Rivers organized Operation Heal to usher the nation into a posture for healing. Healing of hearts, healing of hope, healing of faithfulness, as a nation, a community, and a generation.

Many movements, rallies, and protest exist, NONE of which bring about a healing of our land or place us in a posture for healing.  The FORMULA for healing requires and demands three action categories; Humble, Seek, and Turn.  Each category combined will ignite a change.  Change consistently will manifest the posture for healing the land, nation, community, and generation.

According to the Housing and Urban development’s assessment report, on a single night in 2018, roughly 553,000 people were experiencing homelessness in the United States. About two-thirds (65%) were staying in sheltered locations—emergency shelters or transitional housing programs—and about one-third (35%) were in unsheltered locations such as on the street, in abandoned buildings, or in other places not suitable for human habitation.



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