Care Management

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The responsibility of caring for loved one can be rewarding, overwhelming, stressful and time consuming at the same time. You may even be a caregiver and have children and/or a demanding job. If you are a long distance caregiver, then you have all the worry and the stress, but aren’t always there to check in, coordinate the medical care, respond to crises, or oversee the situation in the home, hospital, or skilled facility. Our senior care management team will be your eyes and ears with reports as desired (hourly, daily, or weekly).


Our Care Management offers onsite care services. A senior care manager will be assigned to your love
one for the duration of their stay at hospital or rehabilitation facility. During the contracted
management; our team will provide hourly, daily, or weekly reports to you via facetime and email.


Flexible Care provides a range of care and services designed for, clients for up to eight weeks. It is to help prevent or reduce difficulties clients are or may be having with completing everyday tasks. It aims to improve well-being and return to independence.
The Program can be accessed twice in any 12-month period.
Flexible Care services may be delivered in a home care setting, a residential care
setting, or a combination of both.


We offer Onsite assessment to provide a plan of care, and provide recommendations to improve safety,
well-being, and quality of life. We can implement the plan of care, oversee caregivers, and coordinate
your loved one’s medication care with assigned RN. Arrangement and coordination of services, referrals, and assistance with government and other available programs, when necessary. We also provide continued monitoring of the love one and
intervention when circumstances change. In addition, relocation assistance and liaison and support for clients’ families who live at a distance, have conflicting schedules, and would like to keep a hands-on
approach, of the care of the loved one. Our Care Management team will become your eyes and ears on the situation, and while you will still be
involved as a loved one and/or decision maker, we are there to reduce your worries and allow you the time to meet the other responsibilities of your life. 

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