Ending Homelessness

Change a Mind. Change a Life.

According to National Alliances to end homeless 2022 edition      

Unsheltered Homelessness. The nation has a system of temporary shelters that reaches 354,000 people on a given night. However, some still sleep in locations not ordinarily designated for that purpose (for example, sidewalks, subway trains, vehicles, or parks). Unsheltered people are considered particularly vulnerable due to their exposure to the elements and lack of safety, among other things.

Individuals experiencing homelessness on their own are particularly at risk of being unsheltered. In 2020, for the first time since data collection began, the majority of those who were homeless as individual adults (51 percent) were unsheltered. These circumstances were most likely for those who are chronically homeless, with 66 percent living without any shelter at all.

World population review states, homeless Population by State 2022 In the United States, there are over half a million people experiencing homelessness. These individuals live in a temporary shelter or transitional housing or sleep in a place not meant for habitation (like an abandoned building).

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