Homeless Resources

Change a Mind. Change a Life.

Resources are available 

In a culture that often turns a blind eye to those without financial security or social stability in a
community, the world can seem both empty and hostile. Operation Heal has developed programs
dedicated to disseminating knowledge and best practices to help prevent and end homelessness.


Homelessness not only effects the homeless individual, but those who are related and love them.
Counseling session are offered to family members, spouse, and close friends who as once held a major role in their lives and are presently willing to reconnect.

Job Assistance

Our job assistance program aide homelessness with a full range of
individualized employment preparedness and placement assistance.
Workshops address dressing and interviewing skills to successfully acquire

Credit Repair

Getting negative and inaccurate information off your credit report is one of the fatest ways to improve your score. Our credit repair team works diligently to resolve credit issues and get your credit score to an elevated level. Consumers seek our servcies to get their credit to an “approval” stauts to buy a house, get a new care or open a new credit card.

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